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evinrude 4 hp water pump replacement

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Testing an outboard water pump

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Dec 23, Messages I just recently bought a few older OMC outboards and also ended up with this Evinrude 4hp that's in cherry condition. This is the deluxe model with the full gearcase. It's got very low hours on it and the carburetor and fuel pump even have the original gaskets, never gone through.

No corrosion at all, etc. I got it running in the tank and it runs smooth as could be. The only problem I found was that it didn't seem to pump much water.

So I went down to the local OMC dealer and bought the water pump repair kit and replaced the impeller. The original impeller was a 3 blade but was in good condition, so I replaced with the new impeller anyways while I had it apart. Lower unit was excellent, no corrosion. After replacing the impeller and gaskets, etc, it still wasn't pumping much water. It is spitting out water out of the row of exhaust holes, and at idle it trickles out of the upper water outlet.

Running in the tank for about 10 minutes the powerhead warms up, but it's not too hot to touch. I had a later 6hp Evinrude at one time that seemed to pump more water, but as far as I can tell this seems to be normal. I just want to make sure before I put her on the boat and burn it up. Does anyone have any experience with this particular model and how much water it should be pumping through it?

Joined Jul 23, Messages Re: 4hp Evinrude not pumping much water I've got the same problem with my 82 evi 7. Everything looks good. It runs good on the tub just not much water spitting out. I dont have the answer, i'm just gonna watch your post too. Thanks, keith. S Rear Admiral. Joined May 4, Messages 4, Re: 4hp Evinrude not pumping much water The 4hp does not have a telltale as such, unlike the 6hp, so you won't seen the strong pee stream that you did from the telltale of the 6 hp.

The cylinder head will get pretty hot around the plugs and the exhaust manifold cover will get hot because it is not water cooled but apart from those places if you can touch and maintain contact for a few seconds it's OK. If you cannot touch or if you see steam from the outlet on the leg you have cooling problems.Wondering "Where-n-Ell" to get great parts for your outboard?

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Right Here! Part is no longer available. E PA made me do it!

Johnson - Evinrude, Water Pumps and Parts

Part's at central warehouse, you'll get it next month. We don't make parts for those.Evinrude's recommended maintenance schedule for the water pump on its outboard motor requires a basic visual inspection after the first 20 hours of use, then at every 12 months or hours of use, whichever comes first.

Eventually, you'll need to replace the water pump on your 15 HP Evinrude, no matter how well it holds up and particularly if it overheats. When the time for replacement arrives, you'll find that installing the pump is straightforward. Remove the four bolts holding the water pump cover onto the lower unit.

Johnson/Evinrude water pump kits, Impellers, cooling, gearcase seal kits

Ease the cover upwards and off the driveshaft. Pull the impeller drive pin out of the driveshaft. Slide the impeller plate up and over the end of the driveshaft. Scrape any remaining gasket material or sealant from the lower unit.

Apply gasket sealing compound to the rim of the outer metal casing of the driveshaft seal. Position the seal on the top of the pump housing with its lips facing toward the impeller. Apply gasket sealing compound to the O-ring for the impeller housing the outer rim of the water tube grommet.

Insert the O-ring onto the large, round opening atop the water pump housing and insert the grommet on the smaller, round opening atop the housing. Apply white marine grease to the inside of the water tube grommet. Apply gasket sealing compound to the outer rim of the pump's impeller insert. Place the insert into the pump housing, ensuring the small bleed hole faces the water tube. Apply a thin coat of motor oil to the insert and rotate the impeller clockwise, pressing the insert onto the impeller.

Apply a bead of gasket sealing compound to the machined surfaces of the lower unit and the impeller plate.

Fit the impeller plate down over the driveshaft and onto the lower unit. Apply a small amount of needle-bearing assembly grease to the impeller drive key to hold it in its proper place on the driveshaft. Fit the impeller drive pin in the key-way slot in the driveshaft. Slip the impeller housing downward onto the driveshaft while turning the driveshaft clockwise to align the impeller with the key. Push the housing and impeller down against the impeller plate. Apply thread-locking compound to the four water pump housing bolt threads.

Thread the bolts into place and torque them to 60 inch-pounds. Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects. A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering. He is also a certified marine technician and the author of a popular text on writing local history. About the Author.

Photo Credits.These instructions go with the following three-part video series. As an Amazon Associate and member of the eBay Partner Network I earn commissions from qualifying purchases using the links below at no additional cost to you. Access the shift connecter by removing the lower unit water inlet screen on and later models. See find number 30 in figure above.

evinrude 4 hp water pump replacement

With the shift rod connection now in view, use two wrenches to back off the upper nut onto the upper portion of the shift rod. Remove the black plastic keeper using a dull knife, pick or similar tool. Once the keeper is removed, shift the lower unit into forward and remove the nut from the upper shift rod.

Remove the forward nut and four bolts on the side of the lower units two bolts on each side. Separate the lower unit from the exhaust housing by pulling it straight away form the exhaust housing. Do not twist or bind the lower unit. Check that the water tubes are clean and free from obstructions.

Coat the water tube pickup grommets with lubricant. Mate the lower unit with the upper exhaust housing making sure the drive shaft goes in it proper guide hole and simultaneously guide the water tube into the rubber grommet on the water pump housing.

Once the driveshaft reaches the bottom of the power head, rotate the flywheel to align the splines on the powerhead to that of the driveshaft. Once the surfaces of the lower unit and exhaust housing come together, START the nut of the forward edge of the lower unit and the other four connecting bolts.

DO NOT tighten the hardware at this time. With the shifter in forward, insert the forward nut on the upper shift rod and snap the keeper back on to the rod. Move the shift rod into reverse lowering the rod into the lower nut. Tighten the upper nut to the lower unit. Make sure not to strip the threads. Now tighten the nut on the forward edge of the lower unit and the four external connecting fasteners.

Reinstall the water pickup screens. Make sure the lower unit shift into forward, neutral, and reverse repeatedly and smoothly. Attach a motor flush apparatus or mount the motor into a test tank, start the motor, and verify that the water pump is performing as expected. Removal of Lower Unit. Remove the black plastic keeper using a dull knife, pick or similar tool 4. Remove the forward nut and four bolts on the side of the lower units two bolts on each side 6. Replace the Water Pump Impeller.

Reinstall Lower Unit. Check that the water tubes are clean and free from obstructions 2. Coat the water tube pickup grommets with lubricant 3. Move the shift rod into reverse lowering the rod into the lower nut 7. Functional Checkout. Tags: antiqueclassicevinrudehow to changeimpellerjohnsonmotoroldoutboardrepairreplaceservicevintagewater pump. What is Good Outboard Cylinder Compression?If your boat has an Evinrude water pump kit, you might not know when or how often to change it.

Some go so far as to say you should replace the complete water pump each year, because all of it wears down. Others say you only have to replace the impeller.

The right answer really depends on what kind of boating you do; if you do it in muddy, sandy or debris-infected water, you might want to change your whole water pump annually. The same goes if you boat in dangerous waters or in areas where you occasionally run aground. If that's you and it's time to change the water pump in your horsepower Evinrude Tracker, here's how to do it. Not everyone will tell you to grease both the impeller and the inside of the cup area, but this does make installation easier.

And don't forget to press down on the pump housing as you're slowly turning the outboard drive shaft clockwise. Brenna Swanston is a freelance writer, editor and journalist. She covers topics including environment, agriculture and travel. She previously reported for the Sun newspaper in Santa Maria, Calif. Swanston is an avid traveler and loves jazz, yoga and craft beer. Make sure you have the following on hand before you start the pump changing process:.

Remove the lower unit from the boat. Remove the mounting bolts on the water pump. Remove the O-ring from the drive shaft. Remove the water pump case. Check for sand, dirt and debris in the powerhead. This would cause the powerhead to overheat. If there's some in there, flush it out with water.

Remove the impeller with a screwdriver. Note the position of the plastic key, then remove and replace it. Clean the water pump key area.

Use emery cloth to clean up the shaft, if necessary. Remove the water pump tube screw. Remove existing gasket compound from the lower unit. Mix the new gasket sealing compound well. Clean the water pump surface area of the lower unit.

evinrude 4 hp water pump replacement

Place gasket sealing compound on both sides of the gasket.Water Pump Impeller for Johnson Evinrude 3 to 7. Sierra engine parts are engineered to meet today's high horsepower engine demands and stand up in the Water Pump Kit for 9.

Sierra Water Pump Impeller for Johnson Evinrude Sierra replacement engine parts are high-quality OEM replacements crafted to meet the requirements of specific engines. Includes Wedge Key.

Interchangeable with: GLM Johnson Sierra Water Pump Repair Kit for 9. Includes housing. For Johnson and Evinrude Outboards. Your Evinrude impeller pulls water from the sea or lake and circulates it through the outboard to keep it cool and running optimally.

Service your water pump every hours of run time, and plan on replacing the impeller, then too. Wholesale Marine stocks a large inventory of quality replacement Evinrude impellers and water pumps. Our convenient Parts Selector will help you locate the right pump and impeller for your outboard.

1989 4hp Evinrude not pumping much water

Maybe you just need a replacement Water Pump Housing. Wholesale Marine carries that, too! We also sell Impeller Kits with every component you or your marine technician require to get the job done right. Wholesale Marine offers a comprehensive selection of boat engine parts including Evinrude impellers and water pumps ready to ship out! Once you become a Wholesale Marine customer, our selection, expertise and customer service will make you a customer for life!

When you require any item to keep your boat well-maintained, give us a call. For same day, flat-rate shipping and our low price guarantee, call us at Oops, something went wrong. Please try again. Parts Selection Guide Find the parts you need. Prop Selection Guide Find the right prop for your boat. Quick view. Sierra Water Pump Kit Replaces Sierra Impeller Replaces Sierra Water Pump Impeller Replaces Sierra Impeller Kit.

Sierra Impeller. Sierra Water Pump Kit. Email Address:. Register Forgot your password?Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New resources Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media.

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evinrude 4 hp water pump replacement

Evinrude4HP Recruit. Joined May 7, Messages 3. I'm a torpedo mechanic, and long time auto mechanic, but this is my first time doing ANY maintenance on an outboard marine motor. I was given this 4hp Evinrude by my father and it seems to be in great shape. After replacing the plugs, the motor starts right up. Unfortunately, I don't see ANY coolant water peeing from behind the head like with most motors. I plan to pick up the impellar replacement kit today and do the job.

A few questions for you veterans Where exactly IS the coolant water pee hole on this motor so I can check for clogs? Am I removing the lower unit, or just the two bolts that secure the prop to the lower unit?

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